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Membership Benefits

Political Connections - SIMA believes that facilitating communication between state and federal elected officials and local leaders is vital to the success of Southern Illinois. We have hosted exclusive events with U.S. Senators, several U.S. Congressmen and numerous state legislators and leaders.

Issue Advocacy - The Association exists to provide its members a medium which they may jointly study and solve problems,
exchange viewpoints and experiences, and speak as a common body to achieve shared goals.

Networking - We provide a means by which municipalities in the Southern Illinois area can cooperate in the public interest, on matters of mutual concern. We hold quarterly meetings, host special events and publish a newsletter—The Municipal Affairs Bulletin.

Economic Development - SIMA has supported numerous developments and issues since its inception that have benefited our region and 
with your assistance the Association can continue to support Southern Illinois into the future.

Joining the Southern Illinois Mayors Association

Currently the Southern Illinois Mayors Association stands strong at more than 100 member municipalities from all across Southern Illinois. Membership fees are paid annually and are based on population. Please contact the SIMA Executive Director at for a membership application.

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